The Current range of Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon Products offer the full range of digital hearing solutions

Bernafon offers the full range of digital hearing solutions. Starting from the entry-level all the way up to the Premium Level, Bernafon always has the appropriate solution for you.


The combination of ChannelFree™ processing, advanced adaptive technology and instant communication between instruments is the key to the high-resolution performance of the Veras hearing system.


Vérité is the French word for truth. True performance is delivered by Bernafon’s proprietary ChannelFree™ digital signal processing system which provides exceptional sound quality.


The family of premium hearing instruments that are tailored to your unique lifestyle and can automatically adapt to multiple listening environments.


The hearing solution with fashionable design, expressing vitality. Naturally different.


With the MOVE hearing system, communication can be easy once again.


When you need maximum amplification combined with advanced digital signal processing.


An excellent product with all the features, capable of automatically adjusting to listening environments based on your priorities.


State-of-the-art adaptive hearing system technology does not necessarily have to be high priced.


A good start makes all the difference. And Inizia, a high-quality hearing system, equipped with proven technology, is in everyone’s reach – including yours.


 Maximum performance in a moderately-priced hearing instrument, with the most sought-after features.


The affordable hearing instrument family with an easy-going single listening program.

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