Choosing to Buy a New Hearing Aid. Please read this Before You Buy – It Pays to Compare Hearing Aid Prices.


Promoting cheaper hearing aids Before You Buy Hearing Aid Consumer Advice


Do your research.

The Internet is the quickest route.

Ask a relative if you don’t have a computer.

Avoid sites that don’t list all their prices. You could use a name you trust like Boots or Specsavers. Or Family-run Independents and INTERNET DISCOUNT WEBSITES could be a good idea. But you must also check the price offered on a like for like basis.

Recommendations are very important. But you should pay a fair price too. Prices for exactly the same products can vary wildly. Therefore, a recommendation to a company that also lists all the prices is obviously the best route.

Always have a close family member with you at the test and subsequent meetings OR communicate with them by telephone to discuss your meetings.

Understand, try on and compare at least 2 hearing aid models.

Have realistic expectations, especially if your hearing loss is long term, is of complicated history or you have had problems with hearing aids before.

Get as long a trial / full money back period as possible. 60 days is fairly commonplace now.

Use the aftercare provided. Be VERY fussy, test the hearing aids in all environments and strive for the best possible result. Don’t give up, do complain if the hearing aids are not completely comfortable to wear, ask your friends to share their experiences.

Once you buy, carry out routine balance checks to ensure the hearing aids are working to 100% capacity…        

Free Trial?

Lowest UK Quote?

Very sceptical due to previous experiences?                       For professional independent advice just get in touch 


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