Phonak launch the Audeo S – Fantastic ! Brilliant design meets Spice technology. Ask for a free trial at

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3 x 3 x 3. All the CRT choices you will ever need. The Audéo S portfolio is a collection of tiny and stylish instruments with the power, flexibility and durability to suit virtually every hearing need and individual lifestyle.

3 Performance Levels. 3 Award-winning Designs. 3 Power Options.


Style, control and wireless freedom
Audéo S SMART is the world’s most sophisticated external receiver hearing system. It is the smallest Phonak with full wireless functionality and disappears behind the ear. Audéo S SMART impresses with revolutionary new binaural applications, adaptive intelligence and can be controlled directly at the ear via a push button or with remote control.

Audéo S MINI

Tiny and automatic, wear and forget
Audéo S MINI, the smallest Phonak ever, is the perfect choice for clients for whom cosmetics is the overriding aspect. Audéo S MINI convinces with expanded audibility, ultra-small size and ease of use. It is virtually invisible when worn, yet impressively stylish when shown. Audéo S MINI is fully automatic and will please your clients with its shape and wide range of attractive colors.
Audéo S YES

Avant-garde design and wireless freedom
Audéo S YES exceeds performance demands and perfectly matches individual lifestyles. It combines truly discreet, avant-garde style with highest performance, including unique wireless and binaural applications. With 17 fresh color combinations, Audéo S YES is the choice for clients who appreciate unique style and enjoy expressing their individual taste.

Audéo S fitting range

Audéo S fitting range covers all but profound hearing losses.

So simple – all the Apps for all the needs 

The sophistication of Phonak Spice technology enabled the creation of an unrivalled range of Apps, which are the foundation of the Audéo S portfolio.


StereoZoom takes binaural processing technology to a whole new level by integrating the input from the four microphone network of two hearing instruments.

auto ZoomControl

harnesses the power of our unique full bandwidth audio exchange and advanced binaural processing to automatically track and focus on speech, regardless of the direction, enabling understanding without the need to face the speaker. 


It is the first and only dual-microphone system to incorporate a unique spatial noise cancellation algorithm designed specifically for directional applications.


FlexControl offers the freedom and flexibility to maximize hearing benefits everywhere.


FlexVolume brings additional sophistication to loudness adjustments. FlexVolume shapes the gain curve in a frequency dependent manner.

More information can be found on the Phonak Website. Check out our prices, you will find them to be the lowest on the internet. We will price match any hearing aid within the UK.

Arrange a free demonstration

Call 0800 917 7678 or 0113 2714974

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