RNID Launches Hear To Help Project in Leeds And Yorkshire

As reported in Audiology Talk on the 13 August 2010 the RNID Launched the ‘Hear to Help’ Project in the United Kingdom. Now it has been announced on ITV’s Calander News that it is to be rolled out to the people of England and to Yorkshire including Leeds.

A pioneering project, providing vital encouragement and support to help people adjust to wearing hearing aids, is being launched by RNID – the first of 21 such projects being launched across the UK over the next 12 months.

Funded by The Co-operative Group – whose staff, members and customers raised £3.7 million in 2009 to help RNID develop its ‘Hear to Help’ service – the new project aims to reduce the loneliness and isolation often experienced by people who wear hearing aids.

The Hear to Help projects will train volunteers, many of whom have a hearing loss themselves, to show others how to get the best performance from their hearing aids, so that they can hear more clearly and improve communication with friends, family and colleagues.

Hear to Help volunteers will help people to carry out basic maintenance on their hearing aid, such as replacing tubing and batteries, as well as providing advice on equipment that can make life easier in the workplace and at home.

We would like to add our support to the project and if anyone would like free impartial advice about their hearing please get in touch.  Call us 0800 917 7678

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