New Amplified Telephones Available In January 2011




This new model is due to be launched in January

2011 and will be the loudest phone in our range.

With an extreme amplification level of up to 60 dB

this phone can help even those with severe

hearing loss. The volume level is up to 1000 x times

louder than standard phones and combined with useful                                                                        

features such as display with Caller ID, Tone adjustment

and backlit keypad this phone is destined to be a popular

choice with our customers. RRP just £59.99!




amplicom AB 900

Our new AB 900 is everything that amplicom are:

Innovation, Simplicity and Quality.

The AB 900 is the first stand-alone Answering Machine

for the elderly and the hard of hearing. It has a massive

amplification level of up to 40dB and tone adjustment                                 

to compensate on high/low frequency hearing loss.

A fully digital and easy to use interface make it a real

pleasure for use by anyone.

However best of all, the AB 900 has a large Adjustable

Speech Speed button, so the user can slow down (or speed up)

the speed of the speech on messages! So even in case of

an unclear message where the caller was speaking fast,

it is easy to slow down the speed and HEAR the message

in crystal clear quality, without any distortion to the

caller’s voice.

Available January 2011. RRP just £49.99 !

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