Our New Premises – Discount Hearing Aid Centre in Leeds Yorkshire


Our new premises for hearing aids can be found at – Discount Hearing Aid Centre Row 5 Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HY

Why not drop in or call 0800 917 7678 for a friendly chat about your hearing and mobility needs.

John 3:16

God bless


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Wax Removal Service

We can now remove ear wax. If you cannot get wax removed from your ears and you live in the Yorkshire area, we offer a wax removal service.
We charge £40 per ear which is very competitive when compared to some ENT’s who are charging £60.

We carry out home visits too. So , if wax is a problem give us a call 0800 917 7678

God bless

Chris – hearing minister

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New Amplified Telephones Available In January 2011




This new model is due to be launched in January

2011 and will be the loudest phone in our range.

With an extreme amplification level of up to 60 dB

this phone can help even those with severe

hearing loss. The volume level is up to 1000 x times

louder than standard phones and combined with useful                                                                        

features such as display with Caller ID, Tone adjustment

and backlit keypad this phone is destined to be a popular

choice with our customers. RRP just £59.99!




amplicom AB 900

Our new AB 900 is everything that amplicom are:

Innovation, Simplicity and Quality.

The AB 900 is the first stand-alone Answering Machine

for the elderly and the hard of hearing. It has a massive

amplification level of up to 40dB and tone adjustment                                 

to compensate on high/low frequency hearing loss.

A fully digital and easy to use interface make it a real

pleasure for use by anyone.

However best of all, the AB 900 has a large Adjustable

Speech Speed button, so the user can slow down (or speed up)

the speed of the speech on messages! So even in case of

an unclear message where the caller was speaking fast,

it is easy to slow down the speed and HEAR the message

in crystal clear quality, without any distortion to the

caller’s voice.

Available January 2011. RRP just £49.99 !

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RNID Launches Hear To Help Project in Leeds And Yorkshire

As reported in Audiology Talk on the 13 August 2010 the RNID Launched the ‘Hear to Help’ Project in the United Kingdom. Now it has been announced on ITV’s Calander News that it is to be rolled out to the people of England and to Yorkshire including Leeds.

A pioneering project, providing vital encouragement and support to help people adjust to wearing hearing aids, is being launched by RNID – the first of 21 such projects being launched across the UK over the next 12 months.

Funded by The Co-operative Group – whose staff, members and customers raised £3.7 million in 2009 to help RNID develop its ‘Hear to Help’ service – the new project aims to reduce the loneliness and isolation often experienced by people who wear hearing aids.

The Hear to Help projects will train volunteers, many of whom have a hearing loss themselves, to show others how to get the best performance from their hearing aids, so that they can hear more clearly and improve communication with friends, family and colleagues.

Hear to Help volunteers will help people to carry out basic maintenance on their hearing aid, such as replacing tubing and batteries, as well as providing advice on equipment that can make life easier in the workplace and at home.

We would like to add our support to the project and if anyone would like free impartial advice about their hearing please get in touch.  Call us 0800 917 7678

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Rayovac Launches a New Range of Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries


 Born Mercury Free

Coming December 2010, Rayovac will introduce its next generation of environmentally friendly hearing aid batteries with its new and improved mercury free battery cell.
Our new Mercury Free battery with added AVA (advanced voltage added) which gives our batteries increased power, making them 30 per cent longer lasting than any other competitive mercury free product. It includes proprietary technology that enhances the operating voltage of the cell to boost performance in high demand wireless devices – particularly BTE devices.

Click here to purchase cheap hearing aid mercury free batteries

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Phonak Flagship Ambra product styles and colours

Phonak Ambra Styles & Colors


Designed for high style and minimal visibility.




  • Mild to moderately-severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 312







  • Moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 13






  • Moderately-severe to profound hearing loss
  • Battery: 13

Custom In-The-Ear

Custom In-The-Ear are the smallest hearing instruments available for Phonak Ambra.




  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10, 312




  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10, 13, 312




  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10, 13, 312

Phonak Ambra fitting range

Phonak Ambra fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.  

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Christian Hearing Services – Compare Our Latest Prices

Hearing Aid Prices

We can supply practically any hearing aid system on the market and it would be beyond the scope of this website to list them all. What we have done is to list the latest models on the UK market today. Should you require a price of a hearing aid system not listed just get in touch and we will supply you with a written quotation. Contact us

We aim to give you value for money when you purchase a hearing aid system from us. We aim to supply up with the latest hearing aid technology. Our competitively priced hearing aids come with a completely FREE hearing test, fitting and a free hearing healthcare plan. VAT is included together with a standard 2 years manufacturer’s warranty (extendable to 5 years for £100 per hearing aid). And complete peace of mind is assured with our 60 Day Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee.

Please Note: We tell you if the hearing aid system is of older technology.

We do not re-brand our hearing aid systems. It is up to the consumer these days to shop around and to compare like for like hearing aids. Our current internet prices (these are revised regularly to be as competitive as possible) as follows:

Phonak Hearing Aid Prices    
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Phonak Ambra £1,595
Phonak Exelia Art £1,495
Phonak Versata Art £1,145
Phonak Certena Art £795
Phonak Milo Plus £595
Phonak Audeo Spice 9 SMART  / MINI  £1,495
Phonak Audeo Spice 5 SMART / MINI  £1,145
Phonak Audeo Spice 3 SMART/ MINI £845
Phonak Naida 9 SP / UP £1,450
Phonak Naida 5 SP / UP £1,195
Phonak Naida 3 SP / UP £895
Phonak MyLink/EasyLink  FM System £795
Phonak iCom (Price at pt of sale) £180
Phonak MyPilot (Price at pt of sale) £220
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Siemens Hearing Aid Prices    
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Siemens Pure / Life / Motion 701 £1,450
Siemens Pure / Life / Motion 501 £1,295
Siemens Pure / Life / Motion 301 £995
Siemens Pure / Life / Motion 101 £795
Siemens Nitro SP 700 BTE £1,450
Siemens Nitro SP 300 BTE £1,195
Siemens Intuis £595
Siemens Nitro 16 £1,295
Siemens Nitro £995
Siemens Phoenix One £295
Siemens Tek (Price at pt of sale) £175
   Contact Us  
Oticon Hearing Aid Prices     
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Oticon Agil Pro (K220) £1,550
Oticon Agil (K210) £1,295
Oticon Acto Pro  £1,095
Oticon  Acto £895
Oticon Hit Pro (M80) £695
Oticon Hit (M60) £595
Oticon Dual XW (Plus M480) £1,450
Oticon Dual W (Plus M460) £1,225
Oticon Dual V (Plus M440) £895
Oticon Dual M9 (Plus 9k) £1,195
Oticon Dual M7 (Plus 7k) £995
Oticon Dual M5 / Pro (Plus 5k / Plus M320) £725
Oticon Chili SP 9 £1,495
Oticon Chili SP 7 £1,195
Oticon Chili SP 5 £995
Oticon Bluetooth Streamer (At pt of sale) £190
   Contact Us  
Starkey Hearing Aid Prices     
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Starkey S Series IQ 11 £1,450
Starkey S Series IQ 9 £1,295
Starkey S Series IQ 7 £1,095
Starkey S Series 5 £895
Starkey E Series 3 £695
Starkey E Series 2 £495
   Contact Us  
Widex Hearing Aid Prices    
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Widex Clear-Band 440 £1,595
Widex Mind440 £1,400
Widex Mind330 £1,195
Widex Mind220 £795
Widex Passion 440 £1,450
Widex Passion 115 £1,450
Widex Passion 110 £1,095
Widex Passion 105 £795
Widex Real £549
  Contact Us   
Unitron Hearing Aid Prices     
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Unitron Passport  Moxi 3G £1,450
Unitron Latitude 16 Moxi 3G £1,295
Unitron Latitude 8 Moxi 3G £995
Unitron Latitude 4 Moxi 3G £795
Unitron Next E £495
Unitron 360+ £995
Unitron Tandem 16  – CROS/BICROS £1,695
Unitron Tandem 4  – CROS/BICROS £1,250
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GN Resound Hearing Aid Prices   
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
GN Resound   Alera 961 £1,495
GN ReSound Alera 761 £1,175
GN ReSound Alera 561 £895
GN ReSound Alera 960 £1,395
GN ReSound Alera 760 £1,075
GN ReSound Alera 560 £825
GN ReSound Live 9 £1,495
GN ReSound Live 7 £1,195
GN ReSound Live 5 £895
GN ReSound dot2 30 £1,295
GN ReSound dot2 20 £1,045
GN ReSound dot2 10 £795
GN ReSound be 9 £1,295
GN ReSound be 7 £1,045
GN ReSound Sparx £895
GN ReSound Essence £495
   Contact Us  
Bernafon Hearing Aid Prices     
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Bernafon Veras / Verite 9 £1,495
Bernafon Veras / Verite 7 £1,195
Bernafon Veras / Verite 5 £895
Bernafon Inzia 3 £695
Bernafon Inzia1 £595
   Contact Us  
Puretone Hearing Aid Prices    
Make Model of Hearing Aid Price per aid
Puretone  Etune -Digital Hearing Aid £195
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