Our 5 Star Service 

The most crucial part of any hearing aid purchase!



Do you need Aftercare assistance?
No matter how long ago you purchased your hearing aids



What’s Included? All our hearing aid dispensers will see you up to 3 times after fitting (if necessary) and before the expiry of our 60 day FULL money back period. You will also have contact at around 4 months after fitting. Furthermore, we will call you every 6 months and see you every year for an annual hearing test, hearing aid recalibration and for any notification of repair required. This is for a period of 4 years. After that time, we may make a charge for visits.

Are extended warranties a good idea?
Yes… if you’re buying elsewhere where the cost of repairs are prohibitive –our competitors’ prices range from £70 to £179. With us, repairs are only £25 – £75 with a 6 month warranty. In the unlikely scenario that a hearing aid would need more than one paid-for repair in a year, then maybe warranties would be worth the money. In the vast majority of cases, they represent extremely poor value >> so we don’t sell them! Remember – most dispensers include free aftercare for life, so the warranties are to cover repair costs only.

The first couple of months…
Most hearing aids are designed to be set up on a lower than prescription level on day 1, and then to be turned up slowly over a course of visits. This is to allow your listening skills to adjust gradually. So aftercare visits are crucial to you adjusting successfully and you getting value for money, especially in the first two months.


Cheap Low Cost UK Repairs – Even if supplied elsewhere!

Oticon / Bernafon / Phonak / Unitron / GN Resound / Siemens / Hansaton / Widex / Starkey / Puretone and Analogue Hearing Aids

Non UK aids (Repair charge is £69)
Please Note: We do not repair NHS aids

You pay between £25 to £75
(plus special delivery of £6.95 if posting is required)

Does your hearing aid sound weak, distorted and not as good as it used to?

 Is your hearing in noise now much poorer?

“A repair may be all that’s needed!”

Did you know that in the ear hearing aids are notoriously unreliable? Due to their being used in what is after all, a hot, moist, sweaty, moving orifice it is usual for the receiver (that’s the bit under the wax guard) to become less efficient after only a few months and certainly likely due for replacement after around 18 months’ use?

Did you know? – that behind the ear hearing aids are subject to debris and moisture build-up over the microphones (usually located on the top of the part fitting over your ear) and condensation build up in the ear mould tubing and in turn, on the receiver itself?

Replacement moulds

Cheap Low Cost UK ear moulds For ANY hearing aid!


We fit moulds to:

Oticon / Bernafon / Phonak / Unitron / GN Resound / Siemens / Hansaton / Widex / Starkey / Puretone / NHS aids

Did you know? -That ear mould quality is very dependent on the expertise of the hearing aid dispenser? Our staff attend additional mould taking training courses to ensure you get a perfect ear mould every time!

Does your hearing aid sound weak?

Is it whistling?

Does it feel loose, uncomfortable?

“A new ear mould may be all that’s needed!”

Did you know? – That ear moulds become polluted by wax and debris, turning off-white in colour, eventually changing colour to amber.

The mould will also shrink / harden and/or crack over a period of 9-24 months, assuming you are wearing the aid every day. Additionally, if you are prone to ear infections, it may be wise to change the ear mould quite often.

Another problem is change in ear canal shape due to weight loss, narrowing of the ear canal, facial palsy, surgery etc…


Three tubing-wall thicknesses are available to suit varying degrees of hearing loss.

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