Clergy Comments

Minister’s who want to share their experience

Pastor Bill Dixon from South Leeds Christian Fellowship (Assemblies of God) says,

“Before I had my hearing aids from Chris, I had difficulty hearing in noisy environments, such as at work when having to pick out orders for customers. It was difficult when communicating whilst in public, especially in church and fellowship events. It was difficult to follow conversations and I had to work hard at putting the words together so that I could understand the meaning of the sentences. Often I would just guess, smile and bluff my way through. My hearing loss also made it difficult when carrying out everyday activities such as going to the bank, the post office and shops. When at home, I had problems with watching television, and my wife would complain that I had the television up too loud. This was also the case when listening to music. Talking on the phone was not easy either and I would often ask people to repeat themselves. When travelling in the car I had problems hearing conversations due to the vehicle noise. I did try national health hearing aids but I was self conscious as the hearing aids were very visible and uncomfortable.

But now I have my new hearing aids. And what a world of difference they have made. Because they are the custom model they are very discreet and hardly anybody notices that I am wearing them. I have entered a new world and I am now able to have all kinds of conversations that I can take part in without feeling left out or on the fringe of things. This has really helped in my role as a pastor because I can communicate with the congregation. It has helped me in my preaching and teaching. The hearing aids have given me more confidence at work because I can now hear the orders clearly. I can hear much better in the car and on the telephone. Even the volume of the TV has dropped, much to the relief of the family. I can now listen to music and fully appreciate it thanks to the hearing aids.

I cannot thank Chris enough for the professional and comprehensive way in which the hearing test was carried out and for his expertise shown during the fitting. His after sales service has been excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to others with a hearing loss.”


Pastor John Fry    Elim Pentecostal Minister

For some considerable time my hearing has been deteriorating. I resisted doing anything about it, until finally I went for a test that proved loss of hearing. Again I did nothing because the hearing aids were too expensive.  Then I got to know about Chris Scire. He carried out tests on me and on his excellent advice I bought a pair of hearing aids- which had been offered on my first test as above. They were 50% less expensive! And had become invaluable greatly improving my hearing as follows; – 1. Without them to my astonishment my hearing sounds poor. With them hearing is clear and precise I asked one of my daughters what she thought about them. She said without them you are beginning to mumble! 2. My wife says I was missing out on conversation especially in a group setting. This has now improved immensely. 3. Watching TV I could not pick up on words so I would switch off my mind, more importantly I could not grasp everything being said in church sermons announcements etc. 4.  When I first wore the aids it took me by complete surprise e.g. hearing the clock tick! The songs of the birds are more pronounced and delightful, hearing post coming through the letter box and hearing sounds of laughter and conversation more clearly and properly. 5. The embarrassment of listening to people and not understanding them and saying “what was that” or just saying nothing and trying politely to make them think I had heard everything. 6. The hearing aids will help tremendously in mixing and ministering to people with my wife and I in preaching mission service in Spain and England. I am very glad I met Chris Scire with his understanding, thorough examination and hearing tests carried out with clarity and patience. He provides a first class service with a caring attitude. He puts a lot of thought, preparation and prayer into his service. If you have got hearing problems I highly recommend that you make an appointment with him.

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