Phonak launch a new generation of hearing aids – The Spice Generation

New chipset

The new Phonak Spice Generation chipset is the most advanced audio microprocessor ever:

  • Fastest processing speed – over 200 million operations per second
  • Highest capacity – an unprecedented 16 million Transistors 
  • Smallest size – 65 nanometer chip technology 
  • Largest memory – more than double the current standard 
  • Next generation wireless technology – fastest, most stable wireless connections 
  • Unique broadband, wireless real-audio exchange – second generation 
  • Most flexible and reliable programming – the widest range of CableFree Fitting choices 

Harnessing the processing prowess of the new chipset, we introduce a host of impressive new algorithms.

New design

The new Phonak Spice Generation products were designed to achieve the best performance ever, in the smallest possible housings:

  • They virtually disappear behind or inside the ear 
  • They are shaped to follow the contours of the ear better than ever 
  • They are moisture protected for increased reliability and usability

Your clients will also appreciate the ergonomic new Phonak PilotOne remote control:

  • Small and elegant form 
  • Easy and intuitive to use 
  • Supports all the exciting new Spice Generation features 

We call this overall new design approach “ContourDesign”. The result is a new esthetic that perfectly matches the unrivalled performance.

The premium flagship of the Phonak Spice Generation

Created for first class hearing delight

Truly Binaural. Adaptive Intelligence. ContourDesign

Phonak Ambra Styles & Colors


Designed for high style and minimal visibility.




  • Mild to moderately-severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 312



  • Moderate to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 13



  • Moderately-severe to profound hearing loss
  • Battery: 13

Custom In-The-Ear

Custom In-The-Ear are the smallest hearing instruments available for Phonak Ambra.




  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10, 312



  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10, 13, 312



  • Mild to severe hearing loss
  • Battery: 10, 13, 312

Phonak Ambra fitting range

Phonak Ambra fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations. ”

More information can be found on the Phonak Website. Check out our prices, you will find them to be the lowest on the internet. We will price match any hearing aid within the UK.

Call               0800 917 7678         or               0113 2714974         for a free trial.

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